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The data include a T1 map, a functional dataset with multiple contrasts, and an aligned D99 atlas, plus additional functional dataset from monkey Ra (early training). Functional datasets are unthresholded statistical maps.

Usage Agreement

Creative Commons – Attribution-NonCommercial Share Alike (CC-BY-NC-SA)- Standard INDI data sharing policy. Prohibits use of the data for commercial purposes.


Macaca mulatta

Sample Description (data were collected over several years)

Scanning preparations

Anesthesia procedures:

Anatomical scans: anesthetized, isoflurane anesthesia.

Functional scans: awake, performing auditory discrimination task under attentional control by saccade task.

Scan sequences


  • Archakov D*, DeWitt I*, Kuśmierek P*, Ortiz-Rios M, Cameron D, Cui D, Morin EL, VanMeter JW, Sams M, Jääskeläinen IP, Rauschecker JP. Auditory representation of learned sound sequences in motor regions of the macaque brain. (2020) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A, in press.
  • Personnel


    Elyse Morin, Ding Cui, and Dr. Daniel Cameron contributed to the data acquisition and/or analysis. We thank Drs. Max Riesenhuber, Peter Turkeltaub, Xiong Jiang and Ms. Jessica Jacobs for comments on the manuscript, Dr. Lars Rogenmoser for advice on EMG recordings, and Jeff Bloch for help with data collection and analysis.


    NIH R01DC014989

    NSF PIRE-OISE-0730255

    Academy of Finland #276643


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